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          BACB® 考试准备




          模拟考试提供反馈,允许个人在BCBA的13个内容领域的长处和弱点衡量学生相对® 和BCABA® 第四版任务列表(版权2012),行为分析师认证委员会®*



          • 有一次考试,提供了实践经验丰富尽可能接近的真实考试BACB。
          • 该考试是可以从购买时间14天。
          • 该考试涵盖每个BACB的第四版任务列表中的13个含量的地区。
          • 没有为模拟考试行为分析瞬间和易于使用的考试中心。
          • 你将能够检查单位面积的含量百分比的分数。
          • 每个模拟考试 可只有十一取
          . Feedback is given by content area, not by individual question.
        • Once started, the exam must be completed within the time limit.
        • *Important note: The Automated Guided Review includes both Mock Exam A and Mock Exam C. Students who register for the 自动导引回顾 after having registered for and completed 模拟考试 A or C will need to contact abasupport@fit.edu to have their original exams reset.

          What are the benefits?

          What is the cost?

          How do I get started?

          Register for one of the available versions of the Mock Behavior Analysis Exam. Two weeks’ access will be given once registration is completed.

          Computer Requirements:

          Feedback for the Mock Behavior Analysis Exam:

          Feedback for the Mock Behavior Analysis Exam is provided by content area, not by  individual questions. You will receive a percentage score for each content area only. This ensures that individuals focus on specific content areas for review, instead of specific questions.

          What is the refund policy?

          Once the course is accessed a refund or transfer is no longer available. There is no fee to drop or transfer the course registration.


          Email us at abace@fit.edu or call us at 1-321-674-8382, option 2. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday, excluding university holidays.

          Please note: Students who have taken course offered by 十大外围足彩网站 and have taken advantage of all of the testing opportunities in those courses may find some of the questions similar.

          The mock exam and guided review are presented in partnership between the 十大外围足彩网站 ABA 线上 program and ABA Technologies, Inc.

          *The BACB does not endorse, sponsor or approve of this examination. Items appearing on this examination are not part of the BACB certification examination and sitting for this assessment does not guarantee your passing of the BACB examination.

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