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          Office Of Environmental Health & Safety



          许多物质需要在电子商务特别的准备,包装和培训,法律(49 CFR 171-180件),其中包括大学或教学和/或研究异地交通位置之间当地拥有交通便利。危险物质被定义为“一种物质或已经由美国运输部(DOT)测定材料,能够构成不合理的风险对健康,安全和财产当在商业运的。”往往不是对物质危险材料发现所确定的制造商的相应安全数据表(SDS)部14上的状态即可。认定为危险材料的运输必须按照运输材料技术的49 CFR 173十大外围足彩网站是不是危险材料的持牌转运,这其中也包括危险废物的运输​​。

          Due to the Universities’ Environmental Liability Insurance, the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) 不能支持大学校园之间产生有害物质的运动。 It is the recommendation of EH&S that departments work with vendors to have materials delivered to the campus of which the research is being conducted. Individual departments that move hazardous materials in disregard to EH&S recommendation must be prepared to pay for damages if an accident occurs and chemicals are spilled onto a public access road while transitioning between campuses.

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