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          Office Of Environmental Health & Safety


          Schedule hazardous waste pickup

          New container request

          The 十大外围足彩网站 Environmental Health & Safety(EH&S) Office is responsible for ensuring that lab workers have the appropriate containers to dispose of various kinds of Hazardous Waste. We offer containers for solid and liquid waste that comply with the Department of Transportation’s hazardous materials shipping regulations (49 CFR 173.24). Our staff will pick up and replace any full containers as well as empty chemical containers for disposal.


          1. 危险废物表现出特性(40 CFR 261.30-5)
            • 可燃性
            • 腐蚀性
            • 反应
            • 毒性
          2. 这垃圾是一个列表(40 CFR 261.30-5)
            • F-列出了从工业或生产过程中的具体并非废料或废物。
            • K-所列废物或废物从特定的行业,或procesos,因此是特定源。
            • 对列出的(H)废物或废物即认为是“急性危险”丢弃时。
            • U形列出(t)的废物。对上市和u-所列废物申请被认为在危险废弃商用化学产品。

          所有高校的人才(教职工和学生)产生或接近接近危险废物的工作是每年需要完成,教导他们的方式履行职责的面对面或在线培训,以确保设施的符合规定的资源保护和回收法规定(40 CFR 265.16)。必须成功完成工厂人员在六个月内培训六个月生效日期或在其就业或指定的日期到设施之后,这些规定后,或在设施中的新位置,以较迟者为准。见 相关链接 培训信息。

          EH&S staff oversees the hazardous waste program for 十大外围足彩网站, but our continued success depends on the efforts of faculty, staff and students. Please use the information provided in the right pane to educate yourself on the proper management of your waste.

          If you have any questions about the appropriate disposal method of a waste please contact EH&S at hazwaste@fit.edu.

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