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          3月18日更新: 在线课程开始3月23日春季开工2020已经-被取消。查找麦凯总统的最新消息 冠状病毒的更新页面.

          Office Of Environmental Health & Safety



          每个联邦法律(40 CFR 256,具体256.16(C)),并且由于佛罗里达州的高科技作为分类的危险废弃物大量产生的事实每个人(教职工和学生工作者*)谁的作品周围或用化学物质或EPA周围或附近的危险废物必须分类培训的危险废物的处理。这通常被称为法律的名称训练后RCRA; “资源保护和回收法”。没有任何一种(教职工或学生)的新员工可能工作监督的直至单完成这样的训练。

          Non-compliance may result in significant Civil penalties to the individual & the University. 所有 professional liability insurance (both University & personal) does cover such claims and the individual may be held separately liable for such violations. Willful or repeat violations may be subject to both Civil & Criminal penalty to both the individual and University.

          十大外围足彩网站 is and has been subject to inspection (both scheduled & surprise) by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to enforce this and related statutes for Federal EPA.


          Florida Tech is making every effort to aid its Faculty, Staff and Students in compliance with this regulation. We now provide two FREE options where FIT affiliated individuals may satisfy the requirements of this Federal Law. Described below are both classroom & online options that are open and tailored to all 十大外围足彩网站 personnel. Of course, you may choose to attend a RCRA training course from the host of providers outside the university at your convenience and your expense. We simply require proof of your training on an annual basis from you if you choose an outside provider. Please contact Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) at 321-674-7715. We handle this process at the Trainings we provide.





          为在线危险废物(RCRA)课程培训报名,请进入安全培训 - 网页:


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