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          Office Of Environmental Health & Safety



          Environmental Health and Safety Requirements (EH&S) for College of Engineering and Science (COES) 高级设计 Projects


          • 胡安·阿贝尔拉斯 
          • (321)674-8620
          • 哈里斯学生设计中心,RM。 107
          • javendan@fit.edu


          Projects are required to submit and revise a safety plan with EH&S until approved, 之前 可在任何项目材料或购买建设可以开始。确保有一个细节 地图 当显示将发生实验。当工作人员将设;应急设备的位置;和设备的位置将这个测试。

          Ensure all risk have been mitigated 之前 turning in documentation to EH&S.






          Projects are expected to present/display at the Northrop/Grumman 橱窗 in April. Project displays must conform to all applicable Federal, State, County & City Codes and regulations. Project displays must also meet all requirements of the chosen campus venue. Displays must be coordinated thru 胡安·阿贝尔拉斯. Displays will be inspected by the EH&S the day of showcase. Display modifications required by the EH&S to meet compliance requirements per the onsite inspection are mandatory and may result in changes to the display. It is highly recommend that the EH&S  is consulted about your display well 之前 the showcase to prevent and unnecessary surprises.


          项目必须已批准其项目的处置结束的书面计划。 ESTA计划将包括在未来如何在项目中使用的资产将被全部销毁或大学再利用项目建成学期后。 确保你已经摸索出将不会使用由大学到你的计划处置任何化学药剂的成本. Projects without an approved plan may be summarily disposed at the discretion of the EH&S/COES.


          以下将是 最低限度 training that is needed 之前 EH&S will provide any approval of 高级设计 Projects(additional training maybe needed):



          -compresses燃气安全 - 如果有任何气体压缩工作 

          - 工艺安全管理 - 如果与火箭等抛射工作


          - 手安全

          - 紧急准备和火

          - 个人防护设备

          - 便携式灭火器的消防安全



          EH&S will not support the movement of hazardous material in plan projects due to environmental/pollution liability concerns. Individuals taking on movement of hazardous material on their own, assumes the risk and the responsibility of financial liability if a spill occurs on public access roads.


          EH&S will not support the storage of Jet A fuel on Florida Tech grounds. Please make arrangements external to 十大外围足彩网站 with a providing vendor. Note: This is due to liability insurance.


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