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          FH 2.14 Policies Governing Hours of WorkFH 2.15.1 Conflict of InterestFH 2.15.2 Florida Tech ConsultingFH 2.16 Policy Governing PurchasesFH 2.17 Pursuit of Academic Degrees by Facu...FH 2.18 Policy on Faculty AdvisingFH 2.19 Policy on Patents and CopyrightsFH 2.2 Policy on Conferring Titles of EmeritusFH 2.20.1 Policy on Research ProposalsFH 2.20.2 Research Salary SupplementsFH 2.20.3 Responsibilities in Academic Resear...FH 2.20.4 Research Duties and Responsibilities of FH 2.20.5 Research Duties and Responsibilitie...FH 2.20.6 Research Duties and Responsibilitie...FH 2.20.7 Policy on Research Misconduct and F...FH 2.21 Safety Compliance and Identification of HaFH 2.22 Policy on Objectivity in ResearchFH 2.5 Policy on Periods of Faculty Appoin...FH 2.6 Statement of Equal OpportunityFH 2.8.1 Tenure Policies and ProceduresFH 2.8.2 Teaching Track Promotion Policies and ProFH 2.9 Dismissal and TerminationFinal Examination and Course Material Retention PoPolicy for Reporting Substantive ChangesUndergraduate Course Syllabi and Textbooks ProceduresStandards Final Examination SchedulesFinancial AidGraduate Policies and Supporting InformationHuman Resources PoliciesInformation TechnologyProcurement ServicesResearch and Sponsored ProgramsStudent HandbookThe Scott Center for Autism TreatmentTitle IXTuition & FeesUniversity ArchivesWeb

          FH 2.14 Policies Governing Hours of Work

          Effective Date Jul 14, 2016

          FH 2.14 Policies Governing Hours of Work

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