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          In addition to the 3 weekend day trips & one London show that you have paid for (Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, War Horse, In the Heights, American in Paris, COme from Away...), we are also offering some optional trips. These trips will occur if at least 10 people sign up for each one. Approximate costs are listed below. Final costs will be determined by the number of participants.  Balances are due in the spring.

          Day Trips & Other Options

          • 全日的伦敦之行,并列入费─访华演出节目 伦敦塔 as a group, then free day where you can boat down the Thames to Parliament & Big Ben, walk to Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, 国家画廊, & China Town for dinner (options for this open day), plus a London show included in the cost.  
          • 在伦敦需要额外的费用节目将包括展会门票,伦敦/牛津pass- $ 65- $ 90为约相依的演出所有费用拣选/火车或公共汽车和管。
          • 实地考察浴补充:在可选的治疗 巴斯温泉浴场。水疗是一个额外的成本。
          • 布莱尼姆宫 组行程包括在课程费用。

          4天周末爱尔兰 - 可选行程:

          爱尔兰西海岸:飞回伦敦的希思罗机场爱尔兰(香农机场),地面运输,旅馆,导游,有的饭菜。 $ 920


          $ 100覆盖的教练运输和宿舍。海滩,城堡,粉笔悬崖,沿海散步,蒸汽火车,和更多!


          • The Program Director will gladly help you with trip planning in advance.  Just ask for help with websites, train information, places to stay, dvds and books for research, etc.  When you apply you will receive a detailed information pack including information to help you with trip planning.  In the past students have gone to Paris, Nice (French Riviera), Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Germany, Normay, Spain, England's beaches (Penzance, St. Ives, etc.), England's Lake District for great hiking, London for touring, shows, & soccer games, etc.  It is advised that you plan trips well in advance to get the best housing and transportation deals.  Begin booking your trips in March and don't wait any later then early May to make bookings.


          • 考虑参加在欧洲前牛津程序的语言强化程序。你可以采取语言教学中的任意水平和文化沉浸同时极大地提高自己的语言能力。该计划完成后在十大外围足彩网站赚取信用始终是一个可能性。我们曾经有过的学生之前的计划学习西班牙语在圣塞瓦斯蒂安西班牙和牛津他们有一个非凡的经历。意大利,法国,德国,西班牙都来自伦敦的航班快,所以很容易协调。牛津与程序经理获取更多信息,以获得正确的轨道上。



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