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          Dining is a crucial factor in the effort to create a more sustainable campus at Florida Tech. Sustainable practices can be found at all five on-campus dining locations: Panther Dining Hall, the Rathskeller, Black Kat Kafé, Center Court, and the SUB Café & Deli. New projects can be introduced and implemented, for example, compost sourcing. We are able to take the waste from the dining services and compost it to make rich soil for use by the university. With the cooperation of students and staff, we are able to make leaps and bounds.



          • Recycling pre-consumer packaging waste (plastic, glass, steel & aluminum) through single stream recycling dumpster (All Dining Locations).
          • 回收废机油通过SOS回收烹调油(所有餐饮地点) 
          • 回收纸板(在亚/腊斯克勒尔垃圾箱,在豹打包机食堂,PDH)
          • 消费后废浆(废板和餐巾)(PDH)
          • 转换到“绿色”化学清洁剂(餐具洗涤和地板护理)(所有位置)
          • 无托盘食堂操作(PDH)
          • 浪费食物准备的堆肥(咖啡渣,蛋壳,蔬菜修剪PREP)(所有位置)

          Future项目/倡议 - 对于某些项目正在进行苏打水

          • 移动到制造的更高的再生含量餐巾纸。 (所有地点)
          • 移动到可生物降解的或可重复利用或可堆肥取出包装。 (所有地点)
          • 消费后废板(碎浆机出水)(PDH)的堆肥
          • 扩大在当地购买行动
          • 更换或设备升级时,选择节能设备。
          • 高效节能研究所额外的程序和做法
          • 更换电动工具车的汽油车型
          • 校内的有机花园

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